Keep your Job Shop business functioning at full capacity by implementing an inventory management solution. With Fishbowl, you can create sub-assemblies for complex manufacturing jobs, get quotes from multiple vendors, consign inventory to retailers, outsource manufacturing, automatically generate purchase orders, and scan product barcodes.

Manufacturing – Fishbowl’s manufacturing features allow you to create work orders for many types of jobs and to add instructions to them. You can also handle sub-assemblies with multiple bills of materials.

Quoting with Multiple Vendors – You don’t have to rely on a single vendor. Fishbowl lets you get quotes from multiple vendors and see which one offers the best price and delivery timetable.

Consignment – You can create consignment locations, transfer orders, and purchase orders to ensure third-party sellers have enough of your products to meet demand.

Outsource Manufacturing – If you prefer, you can outsource manufacturing to another company through Fishbowl and then transfer the finished goods back to your warehouse(s).

Auto PO – Automatically generate purchase orders from manufacture orders when certain raw materials are insufficiently stocked to finish a manufacturing job.

Scanning – Fishbowl Go makes it possible to use your smartphone or tablet as a barcode scanner for cycle counting, ordering, and scanning in and out.

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